• Regarding The chorus in general
  • What a great group of gals and we are not done yet. What memories we have made and we are not done yet! I am looking forward to another 10 years. Everyone is so talented and really give of yourself. I am thankful the leaders or this chorus also!
    - Diana

    I joined FVC just before we became Affiliated. Love singing and learning and improving each year – but the friendships with this group of amazing women I'll treasure forever!
    - Barb

    FVC has given me many opportunities to make new friendships and many days and evenings of singing. I joined this chorus before we chartered and am grateful for the yard signs asking for women who love to sing. That's all I needed to see.
    - Mary

    “If my friends could see me now” …. wearing fancy clothes, makeup, false eyelashes, under bright stage lights, singing my heart out, hoping to entertain the audiences!!! It has been an adventure with hard work, lots of fun, great friends and a superb musical education.
    - JoanneS

    I have been singing with Freedom Valley since the first rehearsal and it is definitely an important part of my life every Monday. The girls in our chorus are special and we are like “family” forever. Hope I have a “few” more years that I have a voice.
    - Janice

    I began singing with this chorus in the very early days in 2005. My father – in –law saw one of the handmade signs and I responded immediately. I came to the chorus because of my strong desire to make music with others, but I have benefited in so many more ways. I'm proud to be a chapter member and look forward to making lots more harmony with this wonderful group of women.
    - Mandy

    FVC is a great diversion for me. As my life changes ( children moving on with their lives. Work challenges, etc.) singing is a great outlet! I worry a little less about those things I can't change and have songs on my mind a bit more! Plus, after 30+ years, I've reconnected with my cousin, Cathy. Not only are we related, we are closer friends because of FVC!
    - Donna

    I began FVC with my sweet cousin Donna. Our Aunt was already in the chorus for a few years . A great place to connect with the Love of Music!

    Barbershop – I love it!
    - Cathy

    I'm so very happy that Joanne asked me to attend an evening with Sweet Adelines. My experience has been a wonderful time in making new friends, learning new songs, trying to learn the barbershop way of singing. I feel so up lifted on Monday nights. I love being a part of being a sister to our Freedom Valley Chorus. Thank you to all those sisters and especially Judy who help me in so many ways. What fun we have.
    - Phyl

    I have been enjoying FVC for four and a half years. The ladies are all great! New Friends, and many new experiences (wonderful) Hope to sing for many more years.
    - Nancy B

    From “Gravel Gurty “to singing Bass in FVC. What a journey in 65 Years! I finally found where I belong!!
    - Sharon

    So many memories! I just hope I wasn't too disruptive!
    - Helen

    It's great not be forgotten. FVC and the 3 other Sweet Adeline choruses. I have song with have been very satisfying for me and I hope I‘ve helped give enjoyment to all our audiences. – Anne
    - Anne

    Love this Chorus! Wonderful memories and many growing experiences! Keep singing strong for another 10 years.
    - Carrie

    The best thing I've ever done! The ladies give me Song and Song gives me excitement and life. So, lucky a quartet came to my school. Love FVC - Kay
    - Kay

    I's been a great journey that will continue for years and years!! - Gail
    - Gail

    When I first joined the chorus, I had no idea what to expect! Wow, it has been amazing how much I have learned! It's been an awesome experience and so much fun. These sisters- in – song are wonderful and fun to be with. .So glad I decided to give it a try!
    - Joanne M

    Music and singing is my life. It fills all the empty spaces. I joined the chorus to sing and did but soon found myself....... Directing! I also love directing! I have learned SO MUCH from this experience. I really appreciate everyone “playing along' with me as I try different things. It has been a wonderful experience for me as I grow to love all the chorus members and appreciate the efforts they all make to help us be the best we can be! On to the next 10!
    - Judy

    I have had so much fun in my 4 years with FVC! Learning how to “barbershop” has been great. I hope to be a part of this chorus for many years to come.
    ‘Bari's Rock”
    - Ruth

    It's been a fun five years. I enjoy the competitions and sing outs., new friends, and improving my singing. Looking forward to many more years.
    - Deb

    I have been with FVC less than 6 months but it's been a great pleasure. I appreciate your warm welcome and how you have helped me to stretch my abilities. I really see the progress individually and as a group. Thank you all!
    Lots of love and Harmony
    - Dodie

    It's been a great ride! I'm looking forward to many more years! Singing and making harmony is such a wonderful thing. I just love singing for anybody! (I'm not sure they “Like” my singing.)
    - Nina

    Being a member of Freedom Valley has been a great adventure, so far! I treasure the time spent with Four of A Kind, especially. Friendships are so important to me and, of course, I love the wonderful harmonies… I'm addicted! One of my early experiences was a such a funny one…Diana, (of course) was standing on the top riser with me and we were supposed to have recording devices. Well. she forgot hers. So she quickly grabbed the remote control from the TV (behind the risers). She sang into that like it was perfectly normal! I could hardly stop laughing to sing! I knew this was where I belonged!
    - Elaine

    Wonderful group of ladies to sing and have a good time with. Glad I joined 8 years ago. It is great getting to know and care for everyone.

    Go Freedom Valley Chorus.

    - Wendy

    When I was in 2nd grade, my Dad sang in a barbershop quartet on the Ted Mac Amateur Hour. When I was in 9th grade, my mom got tired of my Dad having all the fun and she founded a Sweet Adeline chapter. I sang bass in the Cell Block Four and then in the Bobbie Soxers. The Bobbi Soxers won a competition to sing on the Patterson New Jersey show. ( Because we were only ones who didn't have a time penalty). It was like coming home to finally find Freedom Valley Chorus and get back to doing one of things I like best. This is a great bunch of fun loving people and I am honored to be a member.
    - Claire


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